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(no subject) [Aug. 3rd, 2005|01:01 pm]
Worship freaks
This isn't a very active community is it?
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... [Mar. 20th, 2005|08:51 am]
Worship freaks
i love the worship circus!!! here i'll do the survey thing. oh and sry its not cut because i dont know how to do those

1. What is your name? ellen
2. Where are you from? portland oregon
3. How long have you been a fan of the Circus? around a year
4. How many Circus shows have you been to? a couple
6. What other bands do you like? well just to name a FEW: the mars volta, the juliana theory, death cab for cutie, RRWC, the postal service, emery, dead poetic, bright eyes, bloc party and about a thousand more
And you can go ahead and say anything else about yourself and/or your experience with the Circus.
umm i got a beautiful glow and liked it and then when they went on tour with delirious i got the rest of their cds and then loved them more.. favourite album: welcome to the worship circus
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Hello fellow Worship Circus Freaks [Jan. 10th, 2005|04:57 pm]
Worship freaks

Kinda new to LJ...i think it's so cool...prolly like it more when i learn how to use it!

Just wanted to share....got to see RRWC twice last weekend...the last show was AWESOME! Lotsa nu songs!! Josiah is very talented. (of course we already know that.) A couple of the songs have very deep lyrics and get you thinking...a couple of the others have a funky melody that you can't help dancing to and then there's this one where eric is just keeping this fast steady beat throughout...i think it was the one that mentions all the prophets...really kewl beat. You're gonna love it. Gabe said they're planning to go in studio this week and then (God willing) release a full length Listening CD (not sure if all the tracks from the EP will be on it, hopefully so for people that don't own the EP)

When I worship with the RRWC I always am moved so spiritually and emotionally...i found myself in the front, down on my knees praising God, then i began to cry outloud uncontrollably as i became instantly connected to someone's pain from the tsunami. i began praying hard and interceding for someone, i don;t know who but i knew that God wanted me to pray for someone, so i just did that for a long time. at one point i forgot where i was and could not really hear the music which was blaring right in front of me? i don;t really know how to describe it, but it is not the first time that this has happened while worshipping with the RRWC. for me i think the key is to be really relaxed and in the moment, really not focusing on anything else but Jesus and worshipping with all your heart. somehow with these guys, i'm able to block out everything and everyone and just let go and that's what i really love about this band.

i always hug Gabe and the guys because i appreciate and love them so much. i hope they don't think i'm some overgrown grouppie! there's so much i want to ask them but it's never the right time and you know how it is, when you're being pulled in 10 different directions and have to set up and tear down or do meet and greets the last thing you want is some grown man hogging up your time and space so i try to contain my enthusiasm but it's no easy. my wife and son love them so much too. we pray for them constantly and are just in awe at how God is using them.

anywaze, i'm rambling. just wanted to share i guess and introduce myself. if you don't mind praying for me, i need a new job, so if you remember, will you lift me up in prayer? thanks and let me know if i can pray for you about anythang.

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(no subject) [Oct. 15th, 2004|09:12 am]
Worship freaks

please join andworship
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(no subject) [Aug. 9th, 2004|01:05 am]
Worship freaks
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the blue RRWC banner doesn't seem to be working,...or showing up, rather. I've been using it on my user info, and it's coming up as a broken-link.

In other news--the RRWCircus is coming to my home town of DC/Northern Virginia!! We hardly ever get ANY Christian acts out here,...except for the big independant hardcore scene here. I'm excited! How are they live??
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(no subject) [Aug. 7th, 2004|02:09 am]
Worship freaks
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[Current Music |Nate Sallie - All About You]

Hi all ;)

I've just recently discovered the Worship Circus. I work at a Christian book/music store, and I was looking through our demo CD booklets when I came across one that read "Rock & Roll Worship Circus". I popped it in, thinking it was going to end up sounding like Casting Crowns (not that there's anything wrong with them,...just not my cup of tea) or something...but after the first track, I found myself singing along and dancing (yeah, it's a pretty edgey Christian store lol. Not just doilies and "got Jesus?" stickers).

Needless to say by this point, I've become a big RRWC fan.
I'm going to see them this September in Southern, VA.

Does anyone know what happened to the girl I see in the album's sleeve, and not on the website? Blurr, I think her name is...

In Him.

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yey, i'm so happy i found this! [Jul. 6th, 2004|10:36 pm]
Worship freaks

[Current Mood |cheerfulcheerful]

hey i'm new!
my name is chaiR. i'm a big circus fan. i've liked them for 3 years and i've seen them play 7 times. they are and awesomd group to worship with let me tell you.
the last time i saw them, at creation east, i got to chill with them after a seminar on modern worship. ever since i've been e-mail with the e and gabe who are awesome.. josiah is cool too.. and solo.. well man he's a character. if you ever get a chance to spend time with them, go for it. they're awesome people.
once i get my pictures back i'll have to post this one pic of the e and josiah i took, they're sleeping on each other. they are all so pooped from touring :(
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new ep [Jun. 28th, 2004|12:29 am]
Worship freaks
to be released july 11, 2004
at the roseland theater

im excited. how about you?
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(no subject) [Jun. 14th, 2004|12:25 am]
Worship freaks

I'm going to see the Circus at the Pro-life Fest on June 24th!! I'm so stoked. I will be sure to take pictures and show everyone.
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(no subject) [Jun. 6th, 2004|09:57 pm]
Worship freaks

[Current Music |Skillet: Open Wounds]

hey all. it's ateleios1. This will be my new journal, so I just wanted to let you all know. Sorry, I've not been posting much since I made this community. I've hard a tough year with school and other activities, but I hope to be active again in the summer, and hopefully be on the boards as well. I want to thank all who have joined, very cool to see you all here. (: .joanna. [_staticdreams]
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